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Customer Comments
WE know how wonderful the Funshine Music CDs are, but don't take our word for it!  Here's what our customers are saying about these CDs:

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Tell us what you think about our Funshine Music Personalized Kids Music CDs:
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**In Spanish:  Este fue uno de los regales ma especiales y unicos que mi preciso hijo recibio.  No solo nos gusta much escucharlo, sino que tambien ayudo a crear un patron de disciplina para el, pues mi pequeno sabe que cuando esa dulce voz prununcia su nombre antes de una cancion de cuna, sabe que ya es hora de dormir.  Gracias!

**In English:  This was one of the most special and unique gifts my son received.  Not only do we love listening to it, but it also has helped create a pattern of discipline for him, because my little one knows when that sweet voice says his name before the lullaby song that it is time to sleep.  Thank you.
     - Isabel, San Antonio, Texas

Having been a children's leader in Bible study groups and a preschool and primary Sunday school teacher for many years, I know how open, impressionable and able young children's minds and hearts are.  The wonderful truths which are related in fun, personal and memorable songs on Funshine CDs are more than enjoyment for young listeners.  These simple, but profound truths about God and His love for each child are building a foundation of understanding as they are stored in the child's heart.
                          - Susan L., Greenville, SC, "Nana" to Peter, Maggie, James & Sam

I recently ordered a lullaby CD for the infant son of a friend of mine. His mom told me last night she just loved it, that she cried when she played it for the first time.  She also loved the idea of the personal message on the label (and thank you for your call about that). This product is a wonderful idea and I will certainly be ordering this again.
                              - Cynthia W., Pleasant Grove, AL

As “Let’s Spend the Day Together” cheerfully runs through my mind, I am reminded of the enjoyment your quality products have brought to our family.  My older granddaughter Isabel received your Christian CD as a gift, and I was impressed with its positive, nurturing message.  I thought, this is what I want to send friends, who like me, were beginning to welcome grandchildren into their families.  Your Playtime CD was one of my first gifts to my daughter on the birth of her daughter, Abigail.  I’ve been continuously impressed by the high quality of the recording and “warm-voiced” performers, but most of all, I love the affirming message and strong values of friendship, industry and generosity that are gently taught as Abigail hears her name 98 times!
                                          - Diane T., Chesterfield, MO, Abigail and Isabel’s Gramma

I want everyone to know how wonderful the CDs are.  We will be ordering the Christian and Playtime CD as well.  My husband – big, burly guy that he is – had this HUGE smile on his face when he was listening to it as well.  I have a feeling that Aidan won’t be the only one enjoying the CD!               
  -  Aidan’s mom, Ellicott City, MD

Our son received a Christian CD for his two-year-old birthday.  It was such sweet music to listen to during his party that it brought tears to his Mama’s eyes!  Now, he listens to it during his play time.  It think it even helped him to learn to say his name.  This is perfect for new baby gifts as well.  I have received such heartfelt thank yous from the recipients!                                   
- Susan M., Riverview FL, William’s mom & friends of David, Lara, Elijah & Sophia!

"Our 2 ½ year old grandson, David, stopped what he was doing (he’s quite busy) and smiled from ear-to-ear when he heard his name on the CD we bought him.  He absolutely loves it!"
              -  Dave & Kathy, David’s grandparents, via email

"Wow!  I heard about the CDs through a coworker.  I am ordering for my nephew and two nieces.  I listed to “You’re An Angel” and it made me cry because it was so beautiful.  I would love to have gotten these for my children when they were younger.  What a blessing you have been with these CDs.  Keep up the good work."                                                                                                                             -  Angela H., via email

"I bought the lullaby cd for my neice who had a baby last august, his name is Cade, he will not go to sleep with any other cd but this one. I just ordered my 4th cd for my new grandson the other day. I cant wait for Kaiden to get it, his big brother loves his cds. I'm really glad there is christian music for my little ones to listen to as they grow up. Thanks a lot."
            -  Annie, Sapulpa,OK

"We have 4 great grandchildren and 2 step-grandchildren.  Our great grandchildren absolutely love their CDs.  Six-year old Kiera and her Nana can play it 2 ½ times between their homes (and do, over and over!) and Kiera really gets into singing along and keeping rhythm.  Two-year old Alexa is often found in her little room playing with her CD by herself and singing along.  It’s her favorite, too.  Two-year old Quentin also loves music and is fascinated with his name in the songs.  These are such perfect gifts for children who already have an abundance of “toys.”  Caleb will receive his first CD on his 1st birthday in January and step-granddaughter 6-year old Ashlea will have hers in her Christmas stocking.  I am so happy I found your company when attending the High Plans Expo in Sterling, CO.  I’ve recommended you to other parents and grandparents!"                     
     - Great-grandmother Lorraine, Iliff, CO

"I gave several of the Playtime CDs for Christmas gifts.  Every single parent loves them.  But more importantly, the children request them especially in the car!  One of my little friends tell her daddy, “Put Morgann’s music on!!”  My granddaughter Aubrey lights up when she hears her name and responds with a huge grin.  We will definitely order the new arrivals."                            
  - Aubrey’s Grandma, Amarillo, TX

"I bought 2 CDs from you Friday [Affair of the Heart show in OK City], and when I got home I decided I needed the third one.  I listened to the other two on the ride home and know my boys will love them when they get them tomorrow.  Kacy arrived a few minutes ago to spend the night so we will listen to HER new one tonight!"
                                                                           - Kacy's Grammy, Broken Arrow, OK

"These CDs are wonderful.  I know my little cousins will love them.  Thanks for a job well done.  I will definitely recommend you to others."
            - Angela, Rowlett,TX

"I purchased 2 CDs from you in Lafayette for my great nephew and great niece.  I LOVE them, and I know they will, too.  What special Christmas gifts!  I actually get teary-eyed when I listed to them.  HOW unique!  I know the kids will get lots of enjoyment from these."
         - Cathy, Lafayette, LA

"My 1-year old son has a neurological disorder and he doesn’t respond to many things besides his family.  We received the Christian CD and the Playtime CD.  When he hears the lady yell his name at the beginning of the Christian CD, he smiles from ear to ear!!  It is the most precious thing I’ve ever seen.  He even talks to the music!!  Both CDs help keep him calm in the car.  Thanks so much!"
      - Vicki, San Angelo, TX

"I actually had some of my family listen to the CD's and they love them too.  I am anxious for Christmas!  Hope you had a great day......"
      - Cathy , Lafayette, LA

"My 3 ½ year old Kristi plays her [Playtime] CD daily, knows all of the words to the songs and even choreographs dances for all of our friends.  We may have a star on our hands!  Thank you, Funshine Music.  Kristi’s friends thank you, too; they have been receiving them as birthday gifts.  What a hit!

And this was added to the comment:  Kristi has already repeatedly played the Christian CD today!  She just loves it.  I am sure her little friends will love theirs, too!"
       - Kimberle B., Vero Beach, FL – Kristi’s Mom

"My little boy enjoys his CD - just hearing his name brings a smile to his face.  It was a great gift as well for my nieces and nephews.  What a great idea!!
We love it.  Thank you."                          
       -  Ethan's Mom - Holly, Odessa, TX

"An excellent gift for years to come.  I could have shopped for weeks and not found a gift this SPECIAL!"                                    
       -  Brenda J., Midland, TX

"We need positive songs for children to hear!"
                       - Brandi R., Midland, TX

These are wonderful, positive CDs!  They encourage a good self-image and self-esteem!
                                                           -  “Lauren & Sara’s Mom”, Amarillo, TX

As a long distance Grandma, these CDs help me communicate to a 2-year old what I’d like to be able to say in person:  “Joshua, you are special!” and “Joshua, God loves you!”  I think they are absolutely wonderful!
                                                                                       -  “Honey”, San Angelo, TX

I received the CD and played it, and it is DARLING!  Thank you so much.  I’m sure I will be ordering for my other grandchildren in the future.
                                                                         - Davis’ grandma Mimi, Haslet, TX

Our little Natalie LOVED her music CDs!!!!  I cannot resist getting some for my friend to give her grandchildren!
                                                                                - Grandma Jojo of Abilene, TX

"What a great idea!  Kids will love it!"
                                                                                            - Leslie S., Midland, TX

Hearing one’s name in cheerful songs is one sure way to build one’s self-esteem.  I can’t wait to hear it with my nephew.

                                                                                   - Norma E., Odessa, TX

Our son Jacob received the Playtime CD as a gift from my best friend.  Jacob, only 5 weeks old, already recognizes the songs!  We have now ordered the Christian CD and are anxiously awaiting the Lullaby CD.  Thanks!

                          -Kim & Brian – Jacob’s mom & dad, Crescent Springs, KY